Our House Reno: Adding A Bathroom

While we wait for our building permit to clear, I have some exciting news! I’ll bring you up to speed on a piece of our renovation plans I am very excited about – adding a much needed bathroom to our house.

In the existing floor plan we have one bathroom on the second floor, so adding a new bathroom was a big motivating factor for our renovation plans. The ideal scenario is to add a full bath to the first floor so we can go from a 3-1 to a 3-2 and so we have a bathroom that can work as a powder room for guests. Here is the space we are working with in our existing floor plan –

We went through a lot of options over the past year trying to find the best place to put a full or a half bath if space wouldn’t allow for a full. We looked everywhere from taking space in the kitchen to the office to the porch and were this close to moving forward with a plan where we would enclose 5 feet of the porch for a small powder room. We ultimately went back to the drawing board determined to find a way to add a full bath to the first floor so we would get the most value out of the renovation – being able to resell the house in the future as a 3-2. Enter our new plan…

The new plan takes about 5 feet from the current kitchen space for a full bathroom, knocks a doorway into with easy access from the office and living room,Β and moves the kitchen to an addition behind the screened in porch.Β I love this arrangement because the flow feels really natural to the house’s layout.

In the passthrough from the living room to the office there is a clear space that’s even framed by the trim where a door can be knocked. This doorway will be knocked out to a small hallway that will give us much needed storage space with a hall closet and lead to the full bath. Another thing I love about this set up is the layout let’s us keep the existing window.

From the office, here is the view of where the hallway to the bathroom will be. We are going to add doors to outside frame of the pass through in the living room, which would let the *now* office be used as a bedroom/bathroom suite for guests.

Next up will be choosing the design scheme for the new bathroom. Since it will serve a dual purpose as a powder room and potential guest bath, I want the design to be somewhere in-between a more formal powder room and a relaxed personal bath.

Source: Geometric Tile Bathroom

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