Budget Friendly Faux Wood Floors

The house I grew up in didn’t have a basement, so I’ve never really been much of a basement person. I’m a natural light fanatic, so that’s something I really loved about our home’s daylight basement. One of the unique things about our house is that our basement is actually set up as a separate apartment with two bedrooms, a full bath and kitchen.

The main room even has vaulted ceilings and gets great natural light. Eventually we’d like to rent this space out, so we wanted to replace the floors and remove the radiators to freshen up the space. One of our friends who has his own renovation business in Charleston, SC called Salt Marsh Renovations came to town and helped us get this space renter ready.In one weekend, the floors were ripped up, the new flooring laid down and the radiators removed. A HUGE success.

Here is the before: Check out that eye sore in the middle of the floor!

I learned a lot about installing floors that weekend, and loved every second of it. The first thing we did was demo the room by removing the existing faux flooring. From what I’ve heard about renovating an old house, you can find some funny things once you get in and start knocking down or pulling things up. You see this on remodeling shows when someone buys a house, pulls up carpet and finds hardwood. So lucky! In this case, we weren’t as lucky. Under our faux wood floors we found tiles and both had to come up.

Once the floors we’re removed we cleaned the slab with some bleach to make sure we had a clean surface to build upon. Then we went shopping for our flooring. We first went to Home Depot and picked up some laminate floor boards from their Home Decorators Collection. I picked the Dark Hickory, because I thought the dark color would hide wear and tear better than the light floors had previously.

Once we got home and started to lay the boards down, we weren’t happy with how the boards were lined up from one to the next. Since our floor isn’t exactly flat, the spacing between boards was just a little too visible and made the boards look cheap. Plan B …

Surprisingly THD’s flooring selection in-store is relatively small and a lot of it had to be ordered online, so we headed over to Floor & Décor. This store was AMAZING. I had a total geek-out moment walking around with all of the tile and wood options keeping my eye out for tile for our next project on our screened in porch. We went with the Toasted Hickory Luxury Vinyl, which was just $.10 more expensive than our previous choice at THD.

This flooring was perfect for our floors.  I would definitely recommend this flooring and the luxury vinyl comes in 35 different colors. It was 3mm thick (whereas the first option was 12mm), which gave the boards more give and let them mold to any curves in our floor.

We are still working through laying the shoe molding and repairing/repainting the walls where the radiators were, so check back for the after shot!

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