Our Renovation: Demo Day Is Finally Here!

Christmas came early this year… I am thrilled to share that we’ve started demo in our renovations gutting the existing kitchen and taking down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room!! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the sneak peak the day of and know how excited I am to kick this off. If this is your first time following along on our renovations, welcome!, and a look at what we are starting with…

An outdated kitchen and the lack of a bathroom on the main floor prompted the renovation. There is only one bathroom in the house now on the second floor, so we wanted a first floor powder room for times like when my husband’s grandparents come over and have to leave when they need to use the restroom since they can’t climb the stairs or for really anytime we have friends over.

Here is a look at our existing floor plan.

The rooms are a decent size once we removed the radiators that were in the house when we bought it. Here’s a look at the dining room where some of the renovation action will take place.

In the new floor plan, I wanted to make sure we didn’t take away the character of our 1920s house, but also updated the space for modern living. The decisions to let go of a formal dining room was a big one. The dining room has consistently been our favorite room in the house – it’s a great size and gets amazing natural light all day from the south and west. With our living room currently acting as our family room and despite our front door opening into it, I was willing to sacrifice the formal dining room to get more living space where we could have a family den. The new floor plan also let us add a full bath and a hall closet to the main floor instead of just a powder room. These are both huge wins! The full bath will bring a lot of value to the house and you can never have enough closet space. We really don’t have any closet space on the main floor except for under the stairs which is totally consumed by home improvement supplies. The kitchen will move from where the new bathroom will be to an extension of the house behind the porch, and we will bump out about 8 feet in the back to make space for a dining area. The new layout will trade in our formal dining room for a more open floor plan.

If you want to read more about our renovations, here are posts to get you up to speed – Our Kitchen’s Renovation Plans + Adding A Bathroom To The Main Floor.

Now onto the demo!



 -Doorway From Dining Room To Kitchen-

– Current Kitchen-

Before Demo

After Demo

 -Wall Separating Kitchen & Dining Room –

Before Demo

Demo In Progress

Wall’s Down! – View is from the kitchen to the dining room

View is from the dining room into the kitchen

View is Looking Towards Wall In-between Living Room and Kitchen/Dining Space

View Is From Old Dining Room Towards Living Room

Plans for this space

These are clearly work-in-progress demo photos. The space is a disaster like that plaster wire hanging from the ceiling that seems right out of a sci-fi movie. It’s been awesome to see the house opened up and either confirm or dispute our assumptions of the house’s bones. We’ve confirmed the interior walls of the house aside from the one we took down between the kitchen and the dining room are brick! We are playing with the idea of leaving an exposed brick wall in-between the new family room and the current living room for some of the original character of the house that is really important to me to maintain.

What do you guys think??? Should we leave an exposed brick statement wall maybe with some white wash a la Charleston historic homes or should we make the walls uniform in the new space?

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