Designing Our Kitchen To Be Timeless

The best thing about our renovations moving much slower than expected is the time I’ve now had to let my design choices “soak in.” One of the hardest things about decorating is choosing a style that’s going to stand the test of time, but also one that won’t feel boring or dated at the on-set. When I originally started planning out the design for our kitchen I was drawn to big brassy statement pieces and marble.


When we uncovered the brick on our interiors walls, we decided to try to leave one exposed in our family room to add character. Thank you to everyone who chimed in on Instagram to  encourage this decision!!

The family room will adjoin the kitchen, so I started to rethink such a bold and brassy design knowing a statement brick wall would be nearby.

Kitchen Layout

A quick reminder on the layout of our kitchen and how we plan to to use it. 

Sink Wall

Stove Wall

Refrigerator Wall

The Design

The key decisions for what will make the kitchen timeless are the backsplash and countertops and cabinet style. The metal finishes and paint colors I’m leaning on traditional choices but can always switch these out if I want to switch things up.

Backsplash + Countertops

I want a natural countertop to go with the era of our 1920s house, but I need something more durable than marble to fit our lifestyle.  A white granite like this seen in the Howard Payne showroom is at the top of my list for the countertops.

With the veining in the granite, I want to do something more simple on the walls, so I am leaning towards standard subway tile for simplicity and cost savings. Either paired with more white granite or just white/neutral quartz on the outside cabinets.

subway tile kitchen


Two-Toned Cabinetry

I like the idea of making our island counter a different color than the other cabinets for depth and to hold up to wear and tear with a darker color.


The outside cabinets I’m thinking will be white and the island, gray. (Also loving the idea of a white fridge like in this kitchen)


Mixing Metals

I have always been a big fan of mixing metals (even when it comes to my jewelry), so this is definitely something I want to bring into our kitchen. Caitlin Wilson’s kitchen is a great example of how you can mix brass, nickel and even gold. The trick?


Keep different metals on different plane levels. I love the look of chandelier or pendant lighting over the island and love the idea of wall sconces to frame the window.



For the lighting, I’m sticking to traditional finishes on the wall sconces since these will be harder to switch out.  For both the pendants and the wall sconces I like an antique brushed brass finish paired with nickel finishes on the faucet and cabinet hardware.

Cabinet Style

Open kitchen walls is all the rage right now, but with the size of our kitchen I will have to balance open and airy with storage. On the sink wall, I plan to leave most of the wall open around the window with only a glass front hutch on this wall.


Paired with a cabinet lined wall on the backside of the kitchen for storage.

Stovetop Hood Style

The style of the hood and placement of the stove + microwave/oven combo has been one of my biggest debates. The stove won’t be centered to the island and having both of these appliances on one wall is tough aesthetically. I originally loved big bold stove hoods, but with our layout I am leaning towards a more clean-lined hood that blends into the upper cabinets making the pendant lighting the statement of the room. (Also love the painted wood paneling on the ceiling)


My main goal with these choices for cabinet style, layout and paint colors is to make the foundation of the kitchen design versatile so lighting, rugs and decorative objects can switch up the look over the years.

Here are the styling choices I am loving right now for our kitchen.

Opt 1: Traditional Bohemian

Opt 2: Modern Parisian

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