7 DIY Holiday Wreath Ideas

With a full time job not in interior design, I revel in the moments I get to nerd out on home decor and improvement projects. There is something therapeutic about completing a hands-on project that isn’t stationery at desk and computer like my typical work day. Over Thanksgiving, I took advantage of the day off and spent it decorating our Thanksgiving table and getting a jump start on Christmas decorating our mantel for the holidays. An aggressive eucalyptus purchase at Trader Joes for our Thanksgiving table turned into an impromptu DIY project. One quick trip to Michael’s to pick up a wire wreath frame and floral wire to make my own holiday wreath to put over our mantel. Here’s a look at my wreath and mantel and 7 other awesome DIY wreath tutorials. Leave your favorite in the comments! 

DIY Tutorials/Sources: 1. & 7. Handmade Holiday Wreath | 2. Simple Holiday Wreath 3. Holiday Wreath by Amy Merrick | 4. Peace Wreath | 5. Olive Brand Wreath With Bells 6. DIY Natural Seasonal Wreath | 8. Eucalyptus Wreath DIY

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