What’s Your Goal For 2016 In One Word?

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I spent most of this week with a tissue to my face huddled up at our dining room table with my laptop. Cold season is here.

This week marked the end of the first month in 2016, so I spent some time looking back at what I set out to accomplish this year and how I’m tracking. Instead of the usual eat better, get back into a workout routine, etc. I hopped on an idea from Waiting on Martha to choose one word as my guide for the year.

My word? Structure. 

Last year, I never felt like there was enough time in the day to get everything I wanted or needed to do done. When my time gets crunched, my workaholic self lets work win out and my personal to-dos, our new house or the blog fall by the wayside. A friend of mine the other day said something I thought was interesting for other people who feel this way. A simple thought, but if we just used the skills we do at work, we’d be a lot more successful in our personal lives. At work, we have goals we work towards, timelines, milestones, performance reviews that all help us get there. Structure. While I was still able to accomplish things I’m proud of in 2015 getting promoted at work and pulling off before and afters for 3 rooms in our home to be featured on Design Sponge in just 2 months, things were hectic.

CT and I started this year huddled at our dining room table to game plan. We created budget sheets to track spending, set a goal to forgo our frequent foodie lifestyle and eat at home more, started a workout calendar where we compete on who works out the most in the month (competition is my best motivation) and plan our vacation calendar for the year. On a personal side, I set a goal for myself to be better at managing my personal email inbox. I went through and unsubscribed from the non-essentials, marked friends and family emails as important and started marking emails I haven’t responded to yet as unread vs. read and in my inbox where I would previously forget to respond. And if this sounds super type A to you, it is. But it’s working! We’ve been cooking a lot more at home. I’ve been to the gym in one month in what would have taken me 3 months int 2015. We have a lot of great trips coming up that are already booked and planned. And I am owning my email! (If you know me personally, you know how big of a deal this it).

What would be your one word For Your Goals in 2016?


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