Renovation Wish List For Our Home

When we bought our house nearly a year ago, we knew we would want to renovate. We made that decision early on in the house hunting process and focused our search on houses that had potential to be fixed up. The living room, dining room and porch are really the only nice rooms in the house with all the others in renovation purgatory. 

Our renovation wish list starts with the most essential and goes towards the nice-to-haves taking into account resale value. First things first on the lay of the land, our home is set up as two separate living areas with two floors and a basement apartment that are disconnected. The laundry room for both spaces is outside on the basement level, so we have to go outside each time we want to do our laundry. Not surprisingly, a laundry room inside is at the top of our list.

Here is our current laundry room:

If those pictures don’t scare you, then the fact that there was a homeless person rumbling through our lent trashcan the other week may. Renovations, stat. We’re looking at converting our linen closet in the hall into a stacked washer set since we don’t really have the space for a full room. I’ll take it.

Powder Room + Master Bath:

As a 3-1, this retro bathroom is the only one in the house and on the second floor at that. I think the black and white tiling is actually charming (plans to channel this room from Christine Dovey), but we need a bathroom on the first floor for guests.

Adding a master bathroom is the next room on our list. So far we have looked at adding the master bathroom in the bedroom adjacent to ours, but we really don’t like that we would lose a bedroom. The next best option is to extend the upstairs out over our screened-in porch to put the bathroom and closet off the master. The window on the left wall in the picture below would become a door into the bathroom/closet.


Our current kitchen, while functioning, could use some updating or new hardware and dishwasher at the least. This is the room I’ve been spending the most time trying to figure out. You’ll see we’ve already started laying out the blue tape to help visualize potential layouts. Our plan is to knock out the wall between the dining room and the kitchen for an open floor plan. We’ll be losing a formal dining room, but with the kitchen being considered the heart of the home now-a-days we want this space to be open and conducive to guests and hosting. What do you think?

(Please excuse the mess. We’ve started packing things up for our hopefully imminent renovation).

And that’s where the list stops for now. I am naively excited to start renovating even with the renovation horror stories I’ve heard and the overwhelming number of choices that we’ll have to make. Wish us luck!!

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