One Year Later...What We Think Of Our Home Decor


When we moved into our house we had hardly any furniture to our names. After years of apartment and city hopping, I brought to the table a game of "one of these is not like the other" with two leather chairs, an old vanity and a prized piece of IKEA furniture. (Yes, prized, but that's another story). And, CT brought a Pottery Barn sleigh bed. And...that's about it. The Furnishing our house was a huge undertaking. Starting from scratch, a lot of work went into making the decisions on the design style, where to splurge and save, what rooms to decorate first, layouts, color schemes and more to get to the furniture that ultimately ended up in our home. I did A LOT of research, pinning, shopping to decorate our living room and dining room.

Now after living in the house for a year, I wanted to share how our furniture and decor choices have held up and what we think of what we bought to help anyone who's trying to make similar shopping decisions. If there's an item you've seen in our house that I don't talk about below, please feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to share my thoughts! Shopping details are also included below.

The Living Room

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Details: Vanguard's East Lake Sleeper from the American Bungalow Collection with tapered legs. The fabric is unknown since I bought the sofa off the floor, but it's looks like a navy twill. The couch seat cushions appear to be foam/fiber and the back pillows are down.

The sofa was the first big item that I bought. I had done a lot of research looking at sofa styles and had decided I wanted an beige/off-white English Roll Arm sofa. Yep, I started out with the plan to get a beige sofa and ended up with a navy one. I had done all of my research and was set on the Carlisle at Pottery Barn, but the size wasn't quite the right fit. The timing ended up working out perfectly with the ADAC sample sale - for those of you not in Atlanta, this is the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center where a lot of the top furniture stores are - and after one walk around the floor I had bought my new sofa. A navy english roll arm, sleeper sofa by Vanguard Furniture.

Review: Overall, we've been happy with the sofa but wish the cushions held their structure more. The two seat cushions start to dip towards the center and the back cushions require a lot of fluffing to keep their shape. The fabric has held up really well and we have gotten a lot of use out of the sleeper sofa. I have also been really happy with the navy color to hide any kind of wear and tear.


Details: 8x10 Kasbag Wool Rug from West Elm. Fair Trade Certified.

Choosing this rug for our living room may have been the easiest decision that I made during the decoration process (that and this Home Good bench that was a steal!). I wanted the design of the room to feel bright and airy and once I choose the navy sofa I needed a little white in the room. Picking a white rug for our living room might seem risky especially since the front door opens into the center of ours, but I saw this rug in the entryway at the hostess stand of South African restaurant, 10 Degrees, in Atlanta and thought if it can survive here it will be fine in our house.

Review: The rug has held up pretty well for the traffic in our living room. It's has loop pile construction which means there are no exposed tips making it more durable. The loop pile also makes the rug feel luxurious and very soft, which I love. The flip side here is that the rug sheds a lot, still after a year of owning it. I vacuum around the rug frequently, and the rug itself which requires a vacuum that doesn't have a rotating brush. Another thing I've noticed is that when I first bought the rug it was fluffy and with wear it appears flat in some areas. This isn't really a big deal since the wear-in goes with the plush style of the Moroccan rug. Despite the shedding, I still really love how soft the rug is for the family room.

Coffee Table

Details: Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table


When I chose this coffee table, I wanted a piece that wouldn't be a central focus point for the room, but would blend in to give the room the illusion of more space. The clear acrylic was perfect to solve that.

Review: The coffee table has been great. No complaints here. One thing to know about  and we don't really acrylic is that it scratches really easily and can only be cleaned with mild soap and water. This is a piece that's on my list to replace once we are done with renovations because our family room will be in a bigger room where I'll want a more substantial coffee table.

Bergere Chairs

Details: Louisa Begere Chairs in Natural Flaxen

I have always loved the look of a Louis chair and knew I wanted them for our home. These begere chairs are designed in the Louis XV style with an oak frame and I love how the classic french style juxtaposes the relaxed Moroccan rug for what I like to think of as bohemian prep style.

Review: As you may have guessed, I am still OBSESSED with these chairs. I will say as white chairs, these were bought to serve as accent chairs versus everyday chairs. If you are thinking about these for everyday the style also comes in a gray flaxen.

Dining Room




Details: Archer Table from ZGallerie.

Once I decided that I liked the look of a rustic trestle table for the dining room, I started researching some of the popular styles from Restoration Hardware. I was very close to purchasing the salvaged wood trestle table but after researching this I saw a lot of reviews about staining, water rings, etc. that made me question the durability for our lifestyle. I picked the Archer Table for a few reasons - I liked the design style of the legs, it's extendable from 78'-110' (also available in a larger option) and the tabletop is sealed with a wire brush finish.

Review: Love! The table has been perfect for our needs. The wire brush finish does not show any wear and tear and you can set a water glass on the table and wipe off residue without any issue (this goes for food spills as well). We have yet to use the leaves because the table itself is a great size to seat six people.

Dining Chairs

Details: Isabell Bistro Chair by Sika-Designs and Lawford Dining Chairs from World Market

The bistro chairs were somewhat of a bait and switch decision. I had purchased six of the Lawford chairs, but after spotting these bistro chairs on a crazy sale I snatched up four and took the other chairs back. I kept two of the Lawford chairs for the foot and head to mix and match with the bistro chairs.

Review: I really do love the bistro chairs and the Lawford chairs have worked for their purpose. The bistro chairs are surprisingly comfortable and versatile. I don't think they will always stay at our dining room table, but I love that they can easily be relocated to a smaller table and go with a variety of styles. The Lawson chairs are user-assembled and you can tell. Given that and the fact that our cat Luc has a habit of jumping on them and knocking them over, they have held up pretty well.


Details: Thea 3-Light Globe Pendant

I saw this style of pendant in Monika Hibbs home and loved the look over a trestle style dining table.

Review: I have loved the look in our dining room as well. No complaints at all for this fixture. With our renovations coming up I'm trying to decide whether this stays over the dining room table or moves to the kitchen.

Those are the big items that we purchased for our home. Right now pre-renovation only the dining room and the living room have been "officially" decorated in the house. More to come once our renovations are done.