11 Backsplash Alternatives To Subway Tile

White subway tile has been leading the way in kitchen backsplash design for decades. It's classic, relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. Win, win, win. Right? We are about to undergo a kitchen renovation, so the pressure to pick the perfect combo is on.

Subway tile backsplashes have been inundating my Pinterest and left me wanting to branch out in my kitchen design. Rounding up some of my favorite backsplash alternatives to subway tile today from classic to statement tiles including a new trend I love (gold grout)! I'm looking for a backsplash that's different but won't go out of style. Shoot me your thoughts in the comments!


This pattern initially popped for me when we were shopping for our wedding china. It was the only china that stood out to me was a beautiful fishscale pattern by Herend. I love this look for tile and think it could be a really fun addition to the kitchen whether it's bold or muted.

Honeycomb or Hex

I love this simple and classic geometric shape in a muted color as an alternative to subway tile. It's  a tighter sized backsplash that gives it a more understated look in the kitchen. Light gray marble is my favorite look in the shape, but classic white looks great too.


Shiplap is a great alternative for kitchen backsplash and brings charm to a kitchen. It's a wooden board that's often used in barns and outside buildings and was used in what seems live everyone historical home that's flipped on HGTV's Fixer Upper. It has a versatile look and can be dressed up or down and paired with a range of finishes.

Elongated Hex

Spotted at one of Atlanta's newest Ford Fry restaurants, Beetlecat. Elongated hex backsplash can make a statement with contrasting grout.


Gold Grout


Via – Photo: Joe Schmelzer, designed by Kishani Perera