DIY: No Sew, Pom Pom Curtains


Over the past few week's I've been working on a design plan for our living room and thinking about our window treatments for all of the many windows in our home. The fact that our house has so many windows in every room was a big selling factor for me during our home search. I am a sucker for natural light and it really made our house standout from the other darker houses we toured. Our house was bright and welcoming. Pom pom and tassel curtains are a look I am loving right now for their polished but fun look.

Curtains can be surprisingly expensive but budget friendly options often lack style. There are a few good options at IKEA like the AINA or RITVA that are budget friendly without looking like it, but these options often only come in solid colors. When I saw a roll of black pom pom trim on sale at a fabric store last weekend I got an idea on how I could easily DIY pom pom curtains. Some basic white curtains, black pom pom trim and fabric glue were all I needed to get the look. Scroll down for How-To.

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This DIY was so easy and has my brain reeling with ideas for future projects using no sew glue.

What You'll Need:

  • Curtains (mine were 50"x80")
  • Pom Pom Trim (5 yards per pair of curtains)
  • No-Sew Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins (optional)

Step #1 - Line up trim with the side of the curtain

You'll want to line up the black strip of the trim with the edge of the curtain so that the black pom pom balls are on the outside of the curtain. This is so you know where the glue needs to go. You can either eyeball this or use sewing pins to keep it in place. Cut the trim to fit your curtain panels. For my 84" curtains, I used 2.3 yards of trim per panel.

Step 2 - Apply the glue to the fabric

Peel back your trim from the curtain to apply a thin layer of glue in about 6-12 inch sections at a time. Let the glue dry until a film forms over the top. Then apply another thing layer and place the trim back down on the glue making sure the edge of the trim is flesh with the curtain edge (pom poms on the outside of the curtain).

#3 Let Dry

That's It! It's so easy and a great upgrade for a basic white curtain.