Home Renovation: 1st Floor Plans

Exciting news to share on our home renovation front!! We are adding a bathroom to the first floor!! YOU GUYS have no idea how excited I am about this. CT and I shared a pretty small and OLD bathroom for a year living in this house.

**SPOILER ALERT** This post is about much more than a bathroom!!

We've been working through all of our renovation plans over the past few months. While we wait for our permit to clear, in the next few weeks I'm going to go by floor and share our plans! If you're just joining, you can catch up on our home renovations, here. 

OK, so here's a look at our first floor and how it's laid out. It looks MUCH bigger than it is in this format. Without the porch we are talking about...just around 900 sq. ft.

Figuring out where said bathroom would fit has been a BIG discussion. In the office? On the porch? (closed in of course), half bath, full bath...Man, have we wavered on this!!!

We were this close to moving forward with a plan where we would enclose 5 feet of the porch for a small powder room. But at the last minute decided against it.

Enter our new plan...

The new plan is a game-changer!!

We would have SO much more space on the first floor AND an open floor plan. So exciting!!

We have just been talking about working within our existing floor plan...until now. This new plan moves the kitchen to an addition outside the screen porch and bumps out room for a dining area. You guys, I cannot wait to cook in this kitchen. Or eat in the dining area with all the windows looking into our backyard.

Ok...so now onto the bathroom. We are planning to take about 5 feet from the old kitchen space and knock a doorway for easy access from the office and living room.

I LOVE this layout. It feels really natural for the house flow, and fits a full bath! A FULL BATH!!!

Here is where the wall will be punched out to make a doorway.

It's crazy that there is already a framed trim here. This wall will be knocked out to a small hallway that will give us much needed storage space with a hall closet. Then we will add new doors between the bathroom hall and the living room, so the office and bath can be repurposed for guests.

Here is the view from 'the office' where the hallway to the bathroom will be.


I'll be sharing the upstairs in the next coming weeks!

image source: Geometric Tile Bathroom