February Moodboard

One month into 2019…by now we should all have our lives in order and our home’s cleaned out. Right? Eh. It’s only been 4 weeks and I need to remind myself what I set out to do this year. Anyone else feel that way?

A big thing on my wish list for the year is to decorate our house and expand the shop. I’m feeling really inspired by the color palette bubbling up this year. I’ve seen some people refer to it as sunset, others as desert. Either way the mix of rust, burnt umbers, peachy tones, nude pinks, blush and (blasphemy) beige is one of my favorites.

Other trends to note - lining up tiles, vintage ceramic vessels, antique worn woods and of course, female empowerment.


(left - right, top - bottom) Interiors Melbourne | The Salty Blonde | Thea Home | Modern Citizen | ATL Girl Gang

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