5 Things That Surprised Me At The Kitchen Showroom

I am giddy with excitement at the thought of our renovating our kitchen. For the past 4 weeks, I have been sharing design trends in the kitchen. Today I'm going to share something a little bit different - 5 Things that really surprised me during our visit to a kitchen showroom. 

1. Standalone range ovens are the new squat Workout

standalone range stove

Moving the knobs for the stovetop down to the front of the oven looks amazing and frees up more space for the stovetop. Win, win, right? I was shocked seeing these in person what those knobs on the front door does to make your oven really low and hard to get to. CT and I opened a few of these and were squatting just to see inside the oven. The other things that surprised me is how people with kids have these stovetops? My nephew would be all about those red knobs.

The alternative...

2. Built-in microwave & oven combos are where it's at

built-in microwave oven combo

Separating the cooktop from the range oven is my favorite set up for a kitchen, because it gives you great pot and pan storage under your cooktop and then let's you put your oven higher up so it's easier for loading. One thing here is that you have to have the room in your kitchen for this. For the cooktop you're looking at about 3 ft and another 2.5 ft for the built-in microwave and oven. I'm currently working on a way to make this happen in our kitchen.

3. Waterfall islands Are polarizing

waterfall kitchen island

Waterfall islands are definitely a kitchen trend I've been seeing and liking online. Seeing this style in person, it just wasn't for me. If you're thinking about a waterfall island I'd definitely suggest seeing one in person. They make a very bold, contemporary statement so you'll want to make sure it fits yours and your home's style.

4. Overlaid refrigerators ARE that beautiful


I have been trying to convince myself that an overlay on a built-in fridge is not necessary for our new kitchen based upon the immense cost for a fridge that can be panelled not to mention the panel themselves. Anyone found an affordable solution here? We are planning on knocking out the wall between our kitchen and dining room, so I'd love to hide the fridge from the dining room so it doesn't feel so "kitcheny."

Alternative: A built-in fridge without panels can still look really nice when it's integrated flush into the cabinetry.

5. Wine Coolers Have Come A Long Way

built in wine fridge

Ok, so I will admit that I haven't been keeping up with wine coolers options on the market, but the built in wine coolers that seamlessly fit next to the freezer on a french door fridge stuck out. Wildly expensive, but awesome. Wish we had the budget and space for one of these!