6 Ideas For Decorating With Paper Snowflakes


Spotting some DIY paper snowflakes thumb-tacked to the ceiling at the Atlanta Holiday Home mixed with an pretty good guarantee we will not have a "white" Christmas this year in Atlanta, I am really feeling snowflakes this year for holiday decor.

Decorating for the holidays can be daunting especially when you add getting a house ready for in-town guests and Christmas present shopping into the mix. I'm just trying to balance the fact that Yeti Tumblers are sold out literally all over Atlanta and online with getting the house in the holiday spirit. Because of that and the fact that my job gets really busy at the end of the year, I like to keep it simple by choosing decorations that can have a big impact without so much of the hassle or expense.

When in doubt go with greenery. Aside from your tree adding wreaths to windows, the mantel or over a large mirror and garland to places like mantels and stair railings can instantly spruce up your home. Right next on that simple list, I'd put these paper snowflakes. White paper, scissors and ribbon and you've got a seasonal garland for your mantel, foyer, ceiling, etc.

Links below to some lovely DIY paper snowflake inspiration. Number 4 is giving me serious foyer envy.