Home Renovation: Exterior Paint

Our home renovation is getting really fun you guys!! This week all of the design is starting to come to life. The tile started to go in earlier this week, the interior paint colors have been decided, the exterior of the house has been painted, the doors went in...the trim arrived. The list goes on. WE ARE GETTING CLOSE!!! Last week was all abut interior paints. This week is about the exterior. Why does choosing the exterior paint feel way more daunting?!?!  Maybe it's because the exterior is on display for the whole neighborhood or it's the first impression everyone will have of your home. But, I think it's the permanence. Pick the wrong paint color inside? Repaint it. Pick the wrong color outside?? You screwed. ha.

For the outside of the house, I am keeping it simple. Sticking to our white and blue color palette, I feel like I can't go wrong. I am obviously sticking with a blue door. As much as I love the current color, I wanted to test out a few others.


I painted two of the paints to compare. Van Deusen Blue and Hudson Bay up against the current color...Inked. 



This decision was easy for me.  I had to stick with our original color. It has just the right mix of blue without feeling too bright while the other felt too light or too navy.

For the outside of the house, I continued the trend of White Dove. It really is a reliable color. It looks amazing on the outside of the house. The next decision was the paint color for our future shutters.

I am loving the look of a light gray with the white house and blue door. 


The color I am leaning on here is called Silver Lake.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

On the backside of the house there were a few more doors to choose paint colors for. I wanted to bring the colors from the front of the house to the back, so I was deciding between Silver Lake and Cheating Heart.


Cheating Heart I threw in there because I wanted a slightly darker color for the outward facing doors to hide dirt and grime. It also looks great with our deck stain!!!

Cheating Heart

Cheating Heart

For the interior doors, I am bringing the color of the shutters to the back since there are so amny doors in one small are.