Plan B...Back To The Drawing Board

If you're wondering why I've been a bit silent on our home renovation's why.

We hit in a snag in our plan.

After a long wait with the city on our permit and a TON of back and forth with our builder, our original plan is no longer in budget. So, we went back to the drawing board (literally) with our architect to revise the plan. After nearly 6 months of this limbo stage (and a demoed house), this was super disheartening.

BUT!! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know our project is finally moving again! AND big changes are happening this week.

Before I share the dramatic scenes from the construction site, I wanted to catch you guys up on how our renovation plans have changed since I originally shared them.

Our New Floorplan - Main Floor

If you've been following along for a bit you probably know that all of our interior walls are solid brick. (You can read more about that, here). This fact has been a big point of discussion with our contractor and engineer and a point of contention when trying to stay in our budget. This mixed with the crazy demand happening in the Atlanta building market pushed us to go back to the drawing board on our renovation plans.

A year into the total process, this came with mixed emotions, but I am thrilled about the news plans (and to get started). So here's a run down of the main changes.

Change #1 // No more "bump out" dining area on the back of the house

This one was a big cost drain and we didn't feel like it was really bringing much value to the house. So, we scrapped it to focus on what we really wanted...Change #2 and #3!

Change #2 // Moving the front door to the left

This change is going to be a game changer for the house. This means the house will have more of an entryway, and I don't have the challenge of trying to decorate the front room with the front door opening right into the center! A big design dilemma and let's face it, I am not tidy for the "Welcome, to our house" moment to be right in the family room.

Change #3 // Removing the wall between the family room and living room

I've developed a bit of a habit stopping by the job site each day after work (can you blame me?!). This week this wall came down, and it is amazing to see the space open up! This view is from our current front door to the back of the house. Amazing, right?

The downside is - we lost our exposed brick statement wall. (I know, after all of that).  I am busy brainstorming other places to keep the exposed brick character in the new plan. And, am thinking a little accent wall on the wall to the far left in this photo would work. It would be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Thoughts?

Change #4 // Closing in the screened in porch

This update to the plan is something I'm surprised we didn't think about the first time. Super easy to close in and it adds just about the same square footage as the bump out was going to + it's right off of the kitchen. Win, win. It was covered in pollen for most of the year anyways.


Second Floor

Change #5 // A Big Master Suite

Just kidding...I wish! To save on structural costs downstairs, this week the brick interior wall between our master bedroom and second bedroom came down. Walking in...I had major dreams about this being just one big master suite. But, the sheetrock will go back up next week to keep three bedrooms upstairs in the house.

Change #6 // Hall Bathroom Facelift

Ugh! I wish we could have kept this bathroom the way it was. One, from a cost standpoint, but two, I LOVED the retro look. Unfortunately, when we opened up the kitchen ceiling, which is under this bathroom, we saw some wood rot in the structure of the floor that needed to redone. So that meant demo.

Change #7 // Updated layout for the master bath

Our last big change was to the layout for the master bath. There was something about the plan that had always bothered me. Not enough light at the sink area, the tub wasn't under the window and not enough storage space. In my head, I had always pictured the tub under the window and our architect came back with a great solution to solve all three.


Now that the renovation is underway, I plan to share an update on our progress on Wednesdays, so it's easy to follow along. This is our first time renovating, so I'd love to hear from all of you  - what you think and any tips you have for renovating, design advice and staying sane through the process!