Best Of: IKEA Malm Series Hacks


It's amazing what you can do to IKEA furniture to make it look way over it's "assembled yourself" price tag.Kristen Kerr Luber's hack of the MALM series into a chic bedside table is at the top of my favorite list. In my last IKEA hack, I turned the vittsjo shelving unit into a gold etagere using just paint.

The MALM series is one of my new favorites to see hacked with it's clean lines and endless possibility. Oh what a difference a little paint and new hardware can do to transform ubiquitous IKEA pieces into custom-made look-a-likes.

I've rounded up my favorite IKEA MALM hacks to show the range of what can be done and styles.

#1 Sleek + Contemporary

This has long been on my inspiration board to replicate in my new home and I only recently discovered that this was an IKEA hack using the MALM vanity. What a great surprise! It's amazing what some paint and killer styling can do. This is the MALM vanity spray painted in a high gloss gray and styled as a duel nightstand/vanity by designer, Kristen Kerr Luber.


#2 Clean + Simple

My next favorite idea for hacking the Malm dresser is less about painting and more about how you use the dressers for a different purpose.  You can buy in the Malm dresser in a variety of colors and it's the perfect height for a desk. Typical desk height is 28'-30' and the Malm is 30'. I saw this setup on Style At Home and instantly thought you could re-create the look with two malm dressers and a piece of wood or composite stacked on top for a desk. The dressers give you great storage and styled the right way this can look very luxurious. I love the way it's been styled below with an acrylic chair.


source: Style At Home

#3 Sophisticated Detail

Custom trim detailing spruces up the malm dresser giving it an updated and styled look for a pretty nightstand. Painted white it looks like custom etching and a MUCH more expensive piece.



#4 Relaxed Texture

This is a trick I love for IKEA hacks - wrapping the piece in a raffia wallpaper and topping off with glass. The MALM console is nearly unrecognizable.



#5 Bold Finish

This DIY-er really hit it out of the pack with their IKEA hack. Cindy Lackey added a copper plated top to the dresser.


see the tutorial here

Have a favorite MALM IKEA hack? Share it in the comments.