Home Decor's New "It" Plant (And I'm Not Talking Fiddle Leaf Figs)

I hardly ever style a room these days without a plant in it. The bigger the better. Fiddle leaf fig trees have won the title of home decor's "it" plant over the last couple of years even with their temperamental reputation., but is there a new "it" plant in town?

Enter Birds Of Paradise.

Like the fiddle leaf fig tree, a birds of paradise plant makes a statement. Imagine this dreamy, earthy room above without the plant. It would just fall flat. It's like a piece of furniture in itself with the ability to totally transform a room. See what I mean...

101 Taking Care of A Birds of Paradise Plant:

Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight. (If in direct sunlight the leaves will turn brown).

Watering: A good drainage system is most important to keep the roots moist but not soggy. The recommended amount of to water once a week, but will depend upon your plant, soil and temperature.

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