5 Must Dos For Keeping A Tidy Closet


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I think it’s safe to say spring is officially here in Atlanta. I showed up to work today with my winter booties in tow to notice everyone in my morning meeting rocking cute spring sandals. Time for a closet switch.

Living in New York I picked up some great tricks for keeping a tidy closet even in a small space. Since we all can't have the dream-worthy walk-in, I've kept these tips to realistic closets storage and organization ideas.

Display The Current Season & Store The Rest

The best way to keep your closet clean and functioning is to only keep the current season’s clothes hanging and store the previous season. If you’re short on space for storage there are some great tricks here too - place them in boxes on top shelves (with a dryer sheet to keep them fresh smelling) or in drawers under your bed.


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Enforce the One in One Out Rule

I am the worst at this trick, because I want to keep certain clothes for that one time I will wear it in a year.  The idea is that when you buy a new piece of clothing, giveaway or sell a piece it can replace. A few sites that are great for this - Poshmark, Local Facebook Groups and of course Ebay. You can use this trick when you are storing clothes once the season is over and giveaway the ones you didn't wear.

Organize Shoe Storage

When I first moved to New York I used a laundry basket to hold my shoes. It was a mess. I finally broke down and made an effort to organize my closet adding a shoe block to the floor and a hanging shoe rack over the door. In closets that have more room like my previous closet in Atlanta, a shoe wall is my favorite way to organize shoes and display some of your favorites if you're a shoe person like me. In my closet now, I've been using labeled shoe boxes stacked on the floor storing winter shoes on the bottom and spring shoes open on the top for the season, but also love just a simple low shelf for stacking underneath short clothes.

Assign A Place For Everything

This one sounds pretty obvious, but it's much easier to keep a clean closet when you assign sections for certain clothes. The left side of my closet is where I hang shirts, jackets and pants and the right side is where I hang dresses. On the left side since it's all short clothes, I can keep shoes stacked at the bottom.

Use Drawer Organizers For Smaller Items

I've always been a fan of storing jewelry in your closet whether its hanging organizer,a jewelry box on a shelf or a drawer with an organizer in it. It's a great way to keep jewelry from getting tangled and easier to see your collection to pick things out. Drawer organizers can also be great for belts, glasses and clutches.

Have a favorite organization tip for your closet? Share in the comments.