Holiday Ornament Wreath {DIY}


This year for Christmas, I tried something new for our wreath decorations, a holiday ornament wreath. I've noticed a lot of bold Christmas tree decorations trending this year with big bright ornaments in non-traditional Christmas colors like blues, purples and pinks. With our new kitten Luc in the house, I haven't wanted to hang any of our sentimental ornaments *just in case* he decides to climb the tree. Instead I added onto our budget friendly gold, silver and white ornament collection from our tree last year mixing shatter proof ornaments with tinsel, which I'll be sharing later this week. So I took this bold trend to my do-it-yourself holiday wreath project mixing reds, pinks and gold with a traditional touch in the plaid bow.

Here is my DIY holiday ornament wreath adorning our bar cart. Scroll down for the DIY.



  • About 50 large (~70mm) ornaments - Recommend shatter proof from Target

  • About 24 small (~40mm) ornaments - I used these

  • 16 inch wreath frame - I got mine from Michaels

  • Super glue or hot glue gun

  • Ribbon of your choice - guide to tying the perfect bow

  • Door hanger for wreath, hook, etc. - You'll want something to hang it on so you can position the ornaments in the way you want them to hang

  • Craft paper - I used a roll of waxed paper from Home Depot. This is great to have on hand for any craft project.

The first step is to hang the wreath frame on your door hanger, hook etc. Then start to thread the ornaments starting with the large ornaments on the wire. Twist the wire and wrap around the frame where needed to keep the ornaments in place. There isn't a sure fire pattern here so you'll just have to kind of eye ball the combination that you like. I generally followed - two large red, one pink, two reds about two times and then added a large gold. My ornaments also had a mix of sparkle ornaments and plain so I tried to mix those in evenly too. Again there isn't a true science so don't fret if it doesn't follow that pattern exactly.

You'll start by placing about three of the larger ornaments in a mix of colors - try two red and one pink. Then start to thread on two of the smaller red ornaments. As you add ornaments and situate them you'll have to move from one wire to the next. Once you've done the whole wire you can actually pull ornaments off the gold top to switch out colors if you feel like there is too much of one color in one place.

Once you have everything in a good place color and weight wise (so one side isn't bigger than the other) use the super glue to hold them in place.

Total Cost ~$30! Half the cost of a holiday ornament wreath in store.

Have you tried any new decorations this year?