Our Favorite Standalone Bathtubs

Each week a new design challenge comes out of our home renovation. Whether it's last week's window and door debate or this week's bathtub selection. The rough plumbing goes in this week and I've got to pick a tub for our master bath!

So, our master bath plan started out like this - with a built-in tub underneath a double window and a linen closet on each side. After seeing the space framed out, we decided the space was going to feel too small, so we reduced the size of the closet on the left and took out the one on the right all together. Making room for a...standalone tub! And...now the climbing into bathtubs in showrooms begins.

Even though the space has gotten bigger by removing the closets, I am trying to keep the tub to around 65 inches in length so the edges can be seen when you walk in the room. After doing some research here is what I've found  -

Standalone tubs come in a variety of materials from acrylic (which is lighter and cheaper) to cast iron (heavy and $$$). My favorite has been the both of best worlds - a heavy acrylic.

Here are my favorites standalone tubs by style:












Laney 2


Do you have a favorite standalone tub?

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