My Thanksgiving Table In Green & Gold

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Holiday decorations are one of the best things about the season. As a kid I spent days hanging taping up strings lights around my room with Scotch tape. I was dedicated. The lights would have fallen down every night and every morning I'd add a few more strips of tape to keep the lights up.

If you had asked me I would have permanently kept the lights up year round, but my parents thought otherwise.

When the holiday season comes around now, I am not any different (although I have ditched the Scotch tape for something more serious). The day after Thanksgiving and I am ready for holiday decor. As a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants decorator, I go for easy. Like the simple things you can buy during a grocery, Home Depot or Home Goods run - pumpkins, winter greenery and plaid prints.

I put together a Thanksgiving table with 5 easy steps - the hardest part were the DIY name tags. I also choose pieces I can reuses each year or repurpose for other holidays. The trick is to keep the essentials neutral so they can be carried on from one holiday to the next and then using the budget friendly items like napkins, name cards, etc. to give a nod to the occasion.


The first thing to do is choose a table runner or table cloth. Choosing fabric in a neutral color will make this piece flexible from one holiday to the next allowing it to be decorated with different accents for the season. I picked a plaid printed tablecloth to set the mood for the winter season that can go with all colors. Next, you’ll want to place the plates and glasses around the table to get a feel for how much room you have for the decorations.


Picking a centerpiece is one of the most important decorations on the table as the focal point. You’ll want to keep in mind your guests when choosing the height so you don’t block conversation across the table. A great tip here is to use a simple elevated wood bowl. It’s a very versatile piece that can be switched up from one holiday to the next based upon what you put in the bowl. For Thanksgiving, I filled the bowl with assorted mini pumpkins.

thanksgiving table centerpiece


Add candles in varying height. One of the tricks to a well styled tablescape is varying the height of your decorations. Mix and match taper and pillar candle holders in the same metal. Set your taper candles with one on each side of the table and then space the pillar candles in or out of stands spanning the full length of the table. I choose brass for my taper candle holders and white/beige table candles.

thanksgiving tablescape


Choosing your flatware can be very easy and simple since you can just use your everyday pieces. For the holidays, it can also be fun to invest in a special set for special occasions like gold flatware used here.

thanksgiving table


The place setting is the least expensive and best place to customize for the holiday. Napkins are a relatively inexpensive way to add color and pattern and nod to the specific occasion. Adding a festive and personalized name card to each spot is a fun way to spruce up the table. Here I choose patterned napkins that can be used for Thanksgiving and other occasions and paired with a DIY Fall leaf name card.