How-To Mix Different Interior Design Styles


The Marlton Hotel The Marlton Hotel One of my favorite styles of interior design is one that mixes together pieces from different designs families much like this room from The Marlton Hotel in New York. How awesome is this room??  Call it transitional, eclectic or even global, but sophisticated and luxurious if not anything else. This room has mastered the mix. Bringing antique french details together with bold contemporary lighting makes it interesting and appealing. It reads a bit Ryan Korban to me, don't you think?

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Ryan Korban is one of my favorite designers who masters the mix of unlikely pairings. His work is bold, sophisticated and glamorous. And sometimes a bit out there including pieces like a life-sized zebra.

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Creating this look in your own decor can be tough to replicate, so I wanted to share a few tips and ideas for putting an intriguing and eclectic space together.

#1: Keep it neutral

What you'll notice about The Marlton and Ryan Korban's design is that the majority of the room is kept to neutrals with whites, grays and blacks and straight lines. There is usually one pop of color and one statement piece that veers outside the line style and decor family of the rest of the room.

Statement Piece

Clean + Straight lines

Pop of Color

#2 -  Find Consistency Through Color Scheme 

Keeping key accents pieces to a particular color or color scheme will help make sure the room ties together. I love this mix of one of my favorite artists, Lullie Wallace, and a Moroccan pillow. Two very different styles that feel cohesive just because they use the same periwinkle blue. Mixing color with a larger neutral piece like a rug will help even out the room.

#3 - Mix Different Sizes Of Patterns

Patterns are like chameleons in interior design. If you take a classic pattern it can really shift across different design styles. Leopard print is one of my favorites for the exact reason. It adds a global aspect to the room without clashing. It can pair with item from traditional art to Moroccan prints and nearly all colors.I love this leopard print lamp next to this contemporary artwork by Britt Bass or with a retro rattan side table. So versatile! When bringing patterns together it works best to mix large patterns and small patterns and keep color in mind.

#4 Mix Materials and Textures

An easy way to bring intrigue to a room is to mix soft and hard materials. Keep the lines between big items the same to create consistency and call at attention to the contrast between items like velvet and wood.

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