DIY: Simple IKEA Hack to Gold Etagere

Every now and then a piece of IKEA furniture really blows up among the DIY community. The VIITSJO is a great series to hack with clean lines that can easily be transformed with paint. I bought the shelf unit in black and with some primer and gold spray paint transformed the piece into a chic golf etagere. It's really simple and just requires some time and patience. The total cost was around $60! ($40 for the shelf and $25 for the supplies).

I originally did this project for our old apartment, but have moved and styled it differently for my now office. Scroll down for the styling and step-by-step DIY.

Here's what you'll need:


Step #1: Prime All The Pieces Except The glass

Step #2: Spray Paint All Pieces Except Glass

Next, spray each piece with the metallic gold spray from every angle and allow to dry. I did about 2 coats with just one can. I used a painter's mat and wore a face mask to make sure I didn't get any spray paint on the ground and didn't inhale the fumes. You can also wear protective eye wear.

Step #3 Assemble

Once dry, you will need to assemble the piece following the instructions and spray the heads of the black screws that show.

Step #4: Shellac for a protective coat

Once all pieces are gold, spray all of them with the shellac finish, and let dry.This will add a protective coating to the paint so it won't chip.

Here's the color and texture up close.

That's it! The hardest part for me was really just finding the time to get outside to spray the pieces, wait for it to dry and spray more coasts. Here it is in our apartment.



** Featured in House Beautiful's "IKEA makeovers that look shockingly luxe," this is one of my favorites. Do you have a favorite IKEA hack?

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