Renovation Wish List

blue door living living room

This renovation has been a whirlwind so far and we’ve just started!! We’ve been meeting with architects and builders over the past few weeks to get this thing going.

But first – we’ve gotta land our wish list. You guys can imagine how quickly the things I want to change add up. Such a bummer when budget brings things back to reality…Oh practicality…LOL!

To give you guys the lay of the land, our home is a duplex. A 3-1 on top with a 2-1 apartment in the basement.

I’ve started our renovation wish list with what’s most essential.

The laundry.

The kitchen.

The bathroom situation.

Let's start with the laundry.

The only laundry room in the house is on the basement level in an electrical closet that we share with the apartment.

So… we have to go outside each time we want to do our laundry. If this sounds horrifying to you, it is. BUT having moved back from NYC, the luxury of laundry at your home isn’t lost on me. What I wouldn’t have done for laundry in NYC!!!

Probably un-surprisingly to you, a laundry room inside is at the top of our list.

Here is our current laundry room:

laundry room before
laundry room before

If those pictures don’t scare you, then the fact that there was a random person rumbling through our lent trashcan the other week may. Renovations, stat.

The Kitchen

kitchen before renovation

The kitchen. While functioning, it could really use some updating.

The dishwasher leaks.

There’s no fan for the stovetop.

And some new hardware and paint could.not.hurt.

There are some things I love about this room – how does this house manage to be in disarray and still charming?! Is it just, me?! I love the wood paneling ceiling and the cabinet color.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through this room already – see the blue tape on the floor LOL! Can’t wait to get this space updated!!! So much so, I’ve already started packing it up.

Don't mind our cat, Luc! He is a kitchen cat (LOL). ALWAYS on the counters.

kitchen before renovation
kitchen before

The Bathroom Situation

Onto the bathroom situation…our house is a 3-1. We knew going in the 1 bathroom situation was going to be an issue. And, you know, sharing a sink with a male…am I right?! But also, resale.

This is the only bathroom in the house, and on our second floor at that. I actually really love the black and white tile. An updated mirror and some paint, and I could really get behind this bathroom.

bathroom before
bathroom before

But we NEED a bathroom on the first floor. CT’s poor grandparents have to plan visits around bathroom breaks because getting up the stairs isn’t an option.

Speaking of needs…let’s talk master bath. Sharing this hall bathroom works for us now when it’s just us, but in the long run (or for any family that may buy the home after us), a master bath is a MUST!!

And that’s where the list stops for now. Already a lot for us to tackle and some HUGE upgrades for our house if we can pull this off.

Despite renovation horror stories, I am naively excited to start. Wish us luck!!