Paint Color Reveal Picking The Best Neutrals

Paint Color Reveal Picking The Best Neutrals

When our home's previous owner agreed to paint all of the walls before we moved in, I was ecstatic. We settled on a neutral palette since we were still working through the "under contract" process and it leaves the most room for varying decor schemes. Picking the paint for your home can be daunting task. There are so many colors out there and factors to think about - the finish, room's lighting, trim color and the furnishing design. After browsing endless samples of neutral paints that are surprisingly similar and painting test samples on the existing walls in literally every room to check the lighting we ended up with colors I am really happy with. I'm sharing the color in a few of our rooms so you can see how the color looks with different lighting.

Living Room: SW Shoji White, Matte Finish

Living room lighting: low natural light + room faces north

At the top of my favorite neutral list is Sherwin Williams Shoji White. It's a warm white with some beige undertones that we ended up using in the majority of the house. This color really works in a range of lighting from more dimly lit to bright.


Guest Room: SW Shoji White, Matte Finish

Lighting: Southern, Eastern and Northern

Dining Room: Popular Gray, Matte Finish

Lighting: South, West

My next favorite neutral coming out of this was Sherwin William's Popular Gray. There are so many great grays out there that it's definitely a tough color to narrow down and choose one. I picked Popular Gray because it paired really well with our warm floors and could stand up to the bright light in the rooms we painted it in. Here is our before and after of the dining room that went from a bright yellow to a warm gray, Popular Gray.




Popular Gray, Matte Finish in Office

Lighting: Great light all day - Southern, Eastern and Northern light


Accessible Beige in Master Bedroom

Lighting: North and West

The last color I choose for the house was Accessible Beige for our bedroom. It's a greige color that is a bit deeper than all of the other colors I picked in the house. It was a little too dark for some of the rooms with more natural light, but I liked it in our north western facing bedroom.

For more tips on picking paints for your home check out 4 easy steps  on how to pick the perfect paint color.

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