12 Reasons To Paint Your Window Frames Black


It's been a slow start to the year for us. Anyone else feel that way? We went to New York for New Years, but I've managed to tackle some of the usual new year tasks like cleaning out my closet and cleaning off my work desk. But I have definitely needed more down time this winter.

This year the whole notion of a fresh start is very real for us. Our renovations started right before Christmas leaving our dining room and kitchen completely gutted. You can expect a lot of posts about our renovations, design and *fingers crossed* final home tour this year with the next update coming tomorrow. We are already starting to plan for the more obscure design decisions we'll have to make in the renovation like electrical outlets and windows.

I've been a long time fan of full wall black iron doors and windows and have noticed the trends picking up in Atlanta home renovations. The style seems to mix well with different design styles including more traditional design. The price tag on these put them outside of our reality, which is why I'm loving this trend of painting the window frames black! The look brings the same chic look and style at a fraction of the cost. Has anyone tried this?!

Loving all of these looks and thinking about this style for our home since our new dining area will be nearly all windows.

Designer: Betty Theodoropoulos, Photography: Angus Fergusson, via: Becki Owens

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