Home Renovation: A Surprise Behind The Walls


I am a bit late on today's post. I squeezed in a new work out tonight to take advantage of that rare time I can convince myself to workout  (ClassPass is really working for my gym-going mentality). As promised today, here is an update on where we are with our renovation demo and a design decision I'm in the process of making that you can definitely help weigh in on.

If you've been following along in our process, you know that our house is from the 1920s, and that we suspected all of our walls including the interiors were solid brick. Tearing out the wall between our kitchen and dining room and totally gutting our kitchen, confirmed it...Our interior walls are solid brick!! Most surprisingly to me, it's actually really pretty!!

See for yourself...

This is the back corner of what used to be our kitchen (see the side by sides here) and the brick is gorgeous with the plaster giving it a distressed look that's one to replicate. And here is where the dilemma starts...

Do we keep the exposed brick wall as-is? Paint it? Whitewash?

This may seem like a funny dilemma to you as I'm sure most people had a visceral reaction one way or the other seeing the above. Trust me, I've had both. If you're familiar with our house you know my style is french and traditional with some contemporary pieces and patterns mixed in. It doesn't really the scream exposed brick wall.

Over the past few months, I've spent so much time envisioning what this new living space would look like - none of which included a brick statement wall. Interior brick walls aren't exactly common in Atlanta like they are cities like New York or Charleston, SC, or in lofts and apartments. It's unique. Original character. And I'm struggling to bring myself to any other decision than to figure out a way to own it !

Here is the wall in question...

This wall will be in our family room and likely be the wall our couch sits on.

And now to our options -

Exposed Brick

Leaving the wall exposed would be an option although one I think would be the most difficult to integrate into my design scheme. Scouring for inspiration, I have seen some pretty great attempts with the best coming from The Everygirl to pair traditional and french accents with an exposed brick wall.


Painted Brick

Studio McGee dubbed painted brick as a trend for 2017 adding texture to interior walls. We could take this approach to the wall to soften the brick, take the red color out to keep with my white and bright color scheme and make it all about texture. I like the look of the art gallery against this texture too.

Whitewashed brick

Whitewashed brick is where my mind went first when I was thinking about how to make the wall work in our decor scheme. I like the classic look of this gray trim paired with the distressed brick that reminds me of Williamsburg homes and my grandmother's house.

And last but not least we could cover it back up leaving the brick to the outside of our house. One of the many choices we'll make during our renovations, but this feels like a big one to make that will define the way the design and feel of the house goes.

What do you think? Exposed? Painted? Distressed? Or Covered?

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