Sheetrock Is Going In! (Renovation Progress)

AND WE HAVE WALLS!! Well some at least. The crew last night must have thought I was a crazy person snapping pictures of half done walls and wall glue...but then again, let’s be serious, they’ve seen this before. Aren’t we all crazy during a home renovation?? Gah, I hope it’s not just me. We are coming up on just about two years of being out of our house for this home renovation. I cannot believe we are just now putting the walls back up. The amount of times I’ve gone from just about to lose my sh*t to being numb to the process back to losing my sh*t has been unreal. Walking through the house yesterday with just the semblance of walls made my giddy and felt like the first time I could really identify with our contractors consistent promises that once it’s done it will be worth it.

Until then, here’s the house starting to look like a real house again. If you're catching up on our renovations - check out the home renovation tab.

Living Room


I was most surprised in this room by how much I love the ceiling beams! And they aren't even in yet. We went back and forth on if the room was big enough for five beams or if we should just go with three. Thank goodness we couldn't make three work and space evenly or we'd miss how awesome these beams look!! A great lesson in a good architect is always right.

We also debated wood or white beams for this room. We decided to go with white beams because our house is traditional and they just seemed to fit best.





Our kitchen already looks bigger now that the walls are up! I cannot wait for the cabinets to!!

Master Bedroom


The circle window in this room is my favorite detail. It gives the room a custom touch that makes it feel like a real master.

Master Closet


Ok, this is the show stopper for me.  The original plan was not to keep the lofted ceiling and I cannot imagine if we had built a typical roof here. I was SO nervous for how this space was going to look once the sheetrock was in. So happy with how it's turning out!


Master Bath


This photo is crappy, but I can picture our standalone tub right under that window.


Upstairs Bedroom


It's a room again! This room used to have a built in bookcase where the closet now is. I'm really glad we decided to swap out the bookshelf for a real closet to upgrade this bedroom.

Upstairs Hall Bath


Last but not least, I'm still bummed we had to loose the subway tile wainscot, but this space is looking pretty good. Bring on the finishing touches!!!