Sky's The Limit...Let's Talk Ceilings

This week our renovation conversations focused heavily on the ceilings. I'm going to be honest I have not thought about the ceilings one bit in our house with *maybe* the exception of the kitchen. This has been WAY out of my comfort zone, so here goes my attempt at tackling ceiling situations. I'll start with the upstairs master closet / bath. It was almost automatic when I walked into this space. I immediately fell in love with the vaulted ceiling - that height!

To get the bearings for this space - it's right off of our master bedroom. When you walk in the laundry and a built-in closet unit will be to the right.

When we concepted this space with the architect I worried about it feeling cramped because the ceiling height will change with the roof slope getting as low as 7'8". There will be a dormer window on the front and a shed dormer on the back.

Walking into the space with the framing exposed, leaving the ceiling vaulted felt like an immediate solve. Exposed rafters with wood paneling painted white could be really lovely in this space.


Exposed White Rafters Inspiration

images via left to right - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Now onto the downstairs...

The big change to this space is obviously that the wall between our old dining room / kitchen and family room came down last week! The view from this photo is from where our current front door is. If you remember, it opens right into our old family room.

The new plan (refresher, here) will make our new family room a really large space running from the front of our house to the back. Where these temporary wood poles are, we will need a beam to support the cased opening structurally. To mask this looking like a cased opening so it can feel like one big room, we are playing with the ceiling and faux beams. The idea is to use faux beams throughout the room.

For this space, I am thinking about faking the beams with sheetrock and moulding for a minimalistic and polished look.

Family Room Beam Inspiration

image sources left to right - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Check back next Wednesday where I’ll be sharing our next update of what’s happening in our home reno.