Sunday Inspiration

Phew, it has been a crazy past few weeks. While January lasted what felt like an entire year,  all of the sudden it is almost March. In other news, we've had a scare with our 2 year old cat this weekend, so a quick PSA to any other cat moms out there - raisins are toxic for cats! (So weird I know). So, if your kitty is crazy enough to eat the vet. It's so uncommon that it's not super well known, even vets don't see it often. He seems to be doing fine now, but the last 24 hours have been nuts! On the home renovation front, I've been deep in inspiration over the past month. We are getting so close to sheetrock (!!!). Here are some of my favorites.

Design by: Fox Group Construction

Design By: Lauren Evans Interiors

Design by Plain English Design

The Fox Group

Design by Chango & Co


Design by Andrea Schumacher