Swoon Worthy Porches

This past weekend in Atlanta the weather changed over night. Literally. We've been working on redoing our porch the past few weekends (in addition to decorating the living room and the dining room), and have been spending a lot of time outside. On Friday, it was hot like HOTlanta hot and by Saturday morning Fall was here. It was actually even cold! Like grab a PSL and flip on college football, Fall has arrived.

During our house hunt finding a house with a screened in porch was a total dream house amenity, and one I didn't think was possible in our price range/location. You can imagine how excited I was when our home had a nearly 200 sq ft screened in porch. After a few months in the house, I hate to say that to date it's only been used as storage for all of our home improvement project tools. So with the Fall weather impending, CT and I set out to fix up the porch to make it a nice space just in time for the cooler weather. I'll be sharing another shocking before and after on Wednesday next week,  but until then...here are some porches to swoon over.