A Blue Sofa: Pop of Color or Glamorous Statement Piece

blue sofaOur navy blue sofa was the first big furniture purchase I bought for our home. I spent weeks researching and planned on a gray and neutral fabric until a sample sale.At the sample sale I was so impressed by the price and quick delivery time, I bought it on the spot. A fun surprise, it came with a pullout bed! It arrived just a few days later and weeks ahead of the nightmare shipping times at other retailers. My husband returned home from a trip and let's just say the color was a surprise. When I spilled my coffee on it a few weeks later, we were both very happy with the decision. (Yes, it wiped up easily without a sign that the spill had ever happened, blasphemy). Despite being a great choice for everyday life, a blue or navy sofa can be insanely glamorous and versatile. The shade of blue and material can make a big difference in the roll it plays in your design scheme. For a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room, a royal blue color has been my favorite design. A crushed velvet and deep blue mix is a great way to glam the room up.

navy blue sofa

crushed velvet sofa

royal blue sofa

caitlin sofa

navy chesterfield sofa

navy velvet sofa

velvet sofa

blue sofa

blue sofa


blue sofa brick wall

royal blue sofa

hunted interior blue sofa


blue velvet sofablue sofa

blue sofa

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