My Favorite Tuxedo Kitchens


We met with our architect last week on initial drawings for our kitchen and are about to go through a complete renovation. Our current kitchen is manageable, but things have started to fall apart from our warping counter-top edges to a broken dishwasher and it's generally outdated. I. am. ecstatic. To prep for our redesign + renovation, I kicked off a new series  last week where I'll be sharing trends for kitchen design each Tuesday. My goal is to share current trends that won't go out of style like last week's back-splash from counter to ceiling trend. This week's trend?

Two-Toned Cabinets

This is a trend I recently saw in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Holiday Home. The kitchen, designed by Beni Borza, mixed striking double white islands with ink-hued cabinetry for a show-stopping, bold but classic statement. My favorite color combo to keep this trend classic is to rely on the timeless color combo of blue and white. (Although a grayish/green also does the trick).

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