A Room That’s Killing It With Design That You Wouldn’t Expect


There is one room that keeps catching my eye in the home décor space for its beautiful wallpapers, and it’s not what you expect.

Nurserys. The last time and only time I decorated a nursery was two years ago for my nephew and I will say it was a blast. What is it that makes decorating a nursery so much more fun than other rooms? The cute baby stuff, the pastels, the excuse to go all out? Whether you're decorating a nursery or not, how designers are using wallpaper in this type of room is something to take an apply in other rooms in your house. While it may be a splurge it’s a sure fire way to add polish and a striking look to any room. Great in a small space, on a statement wall or in the entire room. Scroll down for the roundup of my favorite wallpaper prints.


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