Welcome to Blue Door Living

We spent nearly two years scoping out houses in Atlanta. House hunting is exhausting! Call it the stars aligning or luck, but we found a diamond in the rough in our house itself and in its wonderful previous owner. After putting in an offer on one house that fell through, we met the owner of our now house and were blown away. A wine and pizza night to "get to know each other" kicked off the relationship in just the right way and next thing we know we're under contract, and she's asking us what paint colors we'd like for her to paint the walls before she moves out. AMAZING.

This house is the main driver behind my new blog, Blue Door Living. Twenty fifteen has been a big year of change in my life. I got married and bought a house within the span of a month so it felt like a time for a blogging change as well. Previously blogging on Decor-Eat, on Blue Door Living I will be blogging about my husband and my experience as first time home owners, renovating, DIY-ing, decorating our house and living in Atlanta.

Our house is a 5 bedroom, 2 bath home that is nearly 100 years old that has been well-loved over the past century. Don't let it's 5-2 stature fool you, it comes with lots of kinks. The house is currently split into two living spaces with the basement acting as a separate apartment, which means we have to go outside and downstairs for the laundry and only have one bathroom. You may guess renovations are coming.

You all will learn that I love a good before and after, so here are our before pictures pre-move-in. I hope you stick around for the transformation! I'll share how we picked paint colors and the results next week.