Windows and Doors...Oh My!

Last week, I shared some tough decisions we had to make about ceilings in our home renovation. This week, we tackled windows and doors, and I spent some more time outside of my design comfort zone.Shopping for windows and doors is pretty overwhelming especially since suppliers don't stock every option, and you can't see what you're picking in real life. A huge thank you to everyone who chimed in on Instagram in the debate between black framed windows or white ones!! Ok, so now onto the decisions - The big question was if we should go for a faux iron look or stay classic with white.

We are not replacing all of the windows or doors in our house - just choosing ones for the news spaces - so it was important to keep in mind what those existing windows look like. Here's a shot from our old dining room so you get the idea.

Existing Windows

'New Family Room'

This is the space that will become our new family room running from the front of the house to the back and opening up to the kitchen.  The back wall will have two sets of doors that open up to the back porch. I loved the idea of iron doors on the back of the house to give the space a more updated look. I have also heard that the black frame accentuates the outdoors more.


Unfortunately neither iron nor the steel beam needed to make these doors a reality were in our budget, so we thought about painting a set of doors to look like iron. I didn't love how this was going to turn out with the building restrictions we had because the frame would still be pretty large.

I almost pulled the trigger on these amazing aluminum clad black doors.

...And then I remembered that the other side of this room would still have these windows, which felt really disconnected.

So, I ended up sticking with the traditional french doors and windows in white in the living room to keep the rooms feeling cohesive. And I chose a classic style in bronze for the door handles.



New Breakfast Room

The 'new' breakfast room is what I am calling our old screened-in porch. We are building the kitchen behind the porch and enclosing this space to be a new breakfast room.

I wanted to put black windows here too but with the rest of the house being white and traditional, I didn't want to make this space feel disconnected. These windows will be white french windows that push out to open.

I'll share another update next Wednesday!