Top 5 Tile Trends I Love Right Now

THE. TIME. HAS. COME. We are picking fixtures and finishes for our home renovation!! You guys, I have been waiting for this time since we started this renovation over a year ago. I can’t even tell you how many mood boards, pins and Instagram posts I’ve saved over the past year. And whoa, has my style changed.

I am going room by room to build my design plan for our 3 bathrooms and a kitchen (yikes). I am thinking it would be fun to show you guys my original design plan for each room and where it is now for these Wednesday renovations. What do you think? Yay? Nay?

But today – I am talking tile and the top 5 tile trends I am loving.

Trend #1: Plaid Floors

Not to my surprise (or yours I’m guessing) designer, Studio McGee was my go-to source for this trend. All of her design is lovely, but I like this one particularly because it feels fresh and yet traditional. Plus, it looks like one of those looks that can be recreated with some inexpensive tiles and patience.

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